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Leadership Lessons by Steven Gerrard.

Posted by Ahmad Fakhrurrazi Yahaya on February 2, 2013

Leadership can be everywhere and everywhen.

Be it in a calm air-conditioned multi-billion company, in a harsh hustle dangerous bloody war….

… or in an nervously-exiting, unpredictable game of football.

And here are some live examples by Liverpool’s legendary Captain, Steven Gerrard, as testimonied by Luis Suarev, Liverpool’s legend-in-the-making striker.


Lesson #1: Be good of yourself, and be good to others

“Gerrard is such a good player and what he said about me I will never forget. It’s unbelievable. He has such a good record over many years in the English game and is a great example to all the players here, especially to me.”

He is good (best) himself. And he make others to be better, for others to be best of themselves – and of course for the team.

Lesson #2: Know the right moment when to speak.

“We all respect him. He has won almost everything and if anything goes wrong on the pitch he never tells the players off. He just speaks to them afterwards and when he speaks to them you can take it as a fact that he is right. He is just trying to help people”.

He is wise to know when to speak and when to not speak. Speak as to make good of others, not to make good just to himself.

Steven Gerrard Wallpaper-4

Lesson #3: Know whom to speak to

“Steven has also said things to me in private that I will never forget, about things that have happened and things that I can do here. These are conversations that players have. People don’t hear them but they are so important. They make a difference to a person like me, to my career and my life”.

He is wise to know to whom he must speak, and whom he need not to. It is not about to make yourself feels better after ‘scolding’ others, or not to make good only of yourself – but it is about to make the team become better.

Lesson #4: Team before self

“It’s incredible that Steven hasn’t won a championship. Crazy. It must be like having a fishbone stuck in his throat. It is permanently irritating to him. I can’t really believe it. You still have to recognise he is an outstanding player”.

People said: “Work for what you believe”. Gerrard believes in Liverpool. Yes! He worked hard and crazy to win the title. But he wants to win with the team, and for the team. Not titles only for himself. And that team is none other… it’s Liverpool!


Liverpool has the best motto in the world of football – “You’ll never walk alone”


Liverpool has the best fans in the world.  They will support the team whether during their glory or their sorrow. This is the way they proved their motto. It was like, they want to say, “Dear Liverpool, if we can’t support you during your lost, we don’t deserve to be happy for you when you win. You’ll never walk alone!”



Liverpool has the best Captain in the world. And make sure you remember this name – STEVEN GERRARD.


All hail!



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