Not only meets the eye

melihat dunia dengan gaya berbeza

Paradox of simplicity

Posted by Ahmad Fakhrurrazi Yahaya on January 14, 2012

I always had a feel, the simpler the thing, the better it is.

If you want to teach students in third grade about politics, you’ll be crawling all over of places to make them understand.

But if you talk with politicians about politics, one sentence, or even one word can explain many things.


Simplicity portrays wisdom and experience, deep and wide.

Words of wisdom and inspirational quotes are always simple.

Yet deep and wide enough to explain many things.


A smartphone (let say an iPhone) looks simple on its outlook.

But it requires a complex and sophisticated technology to make it as it is.

Simple things store deep explanation.


Simple furniture widen your home spaces and made it looks wider.

Simple things make other things wide.



Simplify thing more than it should be may cause other chaos.

Just simple as it is, not simpler.


The paradox of ‘simplicity’.


One Response to “Paradox of simplicity”

  1. artikel nya bermanfaat bangat, jangan lupa terus update ya. thanks friend.

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