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Libya: a long way to go on a hard path?

Posted by Ahmad Fakhrurrazi Yahaya on October 22, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi was killed. At last.

I read on the internet (especially on facebook), so many  people all over the world congratulate Libyan people. They said, it is a historic vistory.

It is historic.

But, is it a ‘victory’?

Or will it leads to another long hurting internal battle? Civil war, if I may say it.

The situation in Libya is different compared to what has happened in Iran and Egypt.

In Egypt, it is said that the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwanul Muslimin) was the driven force behind the revolution. I wrote my concern about Egypt here. Even that, until recent days Egypt is still in a disarray state. To stabilize and prosper the country is the real challenge.

They have Khomeini in the late revolution of Iran. They have Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. But, do Libyan people have smart, charismatic, influential leader or organization to lead the challenging aftermath of post-revolution?

My worry is, the chaos is what the Imperialist (read: the fellowship of the US) really wants in Libya. The conspiracy theory is loud.

Just like The Shah of Iran and Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya is just an imperialist’s machine which can be substituted with another machine with a brand new look and agenda to win back the economically and politically strategic state of Libya.

There were some (if not a lot) good things Gaddafi has done to his people. He was hell rich, i know that. But show me which country’s number one leader isn’t? (except Ahmadinejad, probably). He was corrupt. Which country don’t? He killed his own people for nonsense reasons. So do other leaders, in secret or not. US’s President killed thousands of thousand lives in other countries. At least Gaddafi didn’t do that (as far as i know).

The bad leader (they say so) is gone (though, moral concern surrounding the death of Gaddafi is another issue). Now, who shall replace him? That is a big question to answer.

I just can pray that Libya will be a better country in the near future, especially for my beloved Muslim brothers there.

A long way on a hard path is waiting for the Libyan to beat afterwards. May ALLAH guide and bless us all.


One Response to “Libya: a long way to go on a hard path?”

  1. somehow wonder why they fight over each other ( same races). then, unquestionable if the outsiders like America try to create chaos because we (Muslims; with different point of views) cannot gather the strength in the name of ummah.

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