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melihat dunia dengan gaya berbeza

Yes… No… and NO!

Posted by Ahmad Fakhrurrazi Yahaya on April 30, 2008

Premise 1:
Chelsea in Malaysia? -> Yes

Premise 2:
Avram Grant and Ben Haim in Malaysia? -> NO!


Premise 1 + Premise 2:
Chelsea to the final Champions League? -> Totally NO!

Gambatte Liverpool!



But, we’ll see. Let the game speaks by itself tonight. (Thursday, 31 April 1 Mei 2008 , 2.30am) – updated. thanks to IR –

(source: Blog lama Pakdi)


4 Responses to “Yes… No… and NO!”

  1. IR said

    hmmm, awan.. mana ada 31 April… 1 mei la…
    yeay..!! hari cuti….! 🙂

  2. pakdi said

    tahajud!!!!! hehe

  3. IR: Haha… saje je tu, nak uji kepekaan pembaca (cover… cover)

    Pakdi: tahajud berjemaah seluruh malaysia!

  4. IR said

    hmm, awan.. sape menang??
    (tak baca berita sukan.. heheh)

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